Sarcasm and Scathing Predictions

Have you ever wanted your horoscope to be sarcastic, scathing, and downright rude? Look no further! We at VTProDesign have put together an AI horoscope generator that will have you rolling your eyes and laughing at the same time.

Our AI horoscope experience featured an interactive quiz, a horoscope card with custom-generated zodiac signs, and a video featuring sarcastic AI-generated horoscopes.

The goal was to integrate as many AI technologies as possible within a limited time frame, resulting in a quirky and entertaining takeaway for users. The technologies used? Chat-GPT (both 3.5 and 4), MidJourney, and ElevenLabs Speech Synthesis.

We instructed Chat-GPT to generate horoscopes using a sarcastic system role named “Walter.” By feeding questionnaire answers and zodiac signs to Chat-GPT, we were able to create cheeky and sarcastic horoscopes that delighted users. We carefully crafted the prompts to provide context and ensure consistency in the generated responses.

Chat-GPT 4.0 was also employed to create the web-app questionnaire, generating Svelte components and helping brainstorm quiz questions.

We used MidJourney 5 and Unreal Engine to create custom zodiac symbols that aligned with our design intentions. By providing a detailed description of the desired style, we were able to generate unique and eye-catching symbols for each zodiac sign.

To give our horoscopes a sarcastic voice, we used the ElevenLabs speech synthesis API. We selected an expressive voice and tweaked the “stability” factor to create a dramatic, and somewhat unhinged, reading that matched the tone of our horoscopes.

Our AI horoscope experience was a fun opportunity to integrate state-of-the-art AI tools into a unique project. Not only did we achieve entertaining and surprising outputs, but we also demonstrated how AI can speed up the development process and enhance creative projects.


  • Software Development
  • UI / UX

Article written by Chat-GPT.