A Meditative Dialogue Between Robot-kind and Humanity

In the digital age of constant buzz, our creative team was driven to find a way drown out the noise by creating an opportunity to meditate and reconnect with nature. This collective need inspired us to explore ways to carve out our own piece of solace, Zenbot.

With the technological advancement, more than ever, humans aspire to be precise, perfect and infallible like robots — often seeing our imperfections as a drawback. However, by embracing our imperfections we can shift the balance from doing to being, to appreciate rather than perfecting.

Following the design principle of wabi-sabi, embracing imperfection and appreciating the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes, we sought out ways we could highlight imperfections of human design and the precision of a robot.

We explored and created various visual representations of the relationship between robots and humans during our design process. These conceptual diagrams helped guide our design decisions for building our layout and curating all the different elements we incorporated into the scene.

Our Zen garden symbolizes both robot-kind and humanity coming together. By exchanging polarizing traits and entering a meditative dialogue with one another, we generate a new kind of beauty. Imperfectly perfect – Perfectly imperfect. 


  • Creative Technology
  • Robotics
  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Narrative & Strategy