DoorDash Mosaic

A Data Visualization Sculpture

Most of us think of DoorDash as a company that brings you your food. But the real essence of the brand is about the human element and the millions of connections that happen everyday between Dashers, merchants and DoorDash users.

For this project, VTProDesign teamed up with GMUNK and Tool of North America to create a powerful and artful sculpture that could live as an evergreen platform in the lobby of their new SF Headquarters, and was entitled the DoorDash Mosaic.

For the design of the platform, the goal was to create something highly detailed and polished with a deep foundation in design thinking and execution.

A screen platform was desired by the client because of all the specific content and data to be presented, so a multi-planar experience was invoked in front and back with a keen eye for detail and refined material selection. In the end, we were able to bring the platform design to reality with meticulous precision – flawlessly executing the build.

This sculptural LED wall was powered by a robust CMS that was populated with photos and videos from the brand and populated the mosaic in artful and unexpected ways.

The team also leveraged the DoorDash data in abstract and painterly ways, creating map-based data visualizations that infused the office with the life and dynamism of the DoorDash brand.

These data visualizations were a live and intimate look into the company and its activities, showcasing that human connection behind the brand as painterly and vivid washes of generative activity. 

Lastly, we created an easy to use admin tool, similar to a Spotify playlist so that the DoorDash admin could program the content that cycled through various modes and color palettes that matched the time of day and desired ambiance of the office space – creating a rich platform with infinite content modes and possibilities so that there were always new discoveries along the way. 


  • Engineering
  • Creative Direction
  • Creative Technology
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Design
  • Interactive Installation
  • Operation / Support
  • Project Management
  • Software Development


  • Director: GMUNK
  • Production Company: Tool of North America
  • President: Dustin Califf
  • Executive Producer: Adam Baskin
  • Producer: Rebeca Diaz
  • Production Design: VTProDesign
  • Chief Creative Officer: Michael Fullman
  • Producer: Paul Elsberg
  • Chief Technology Officer: Harry Souders
  • TouchDesigner Lead: Matt Wachter
  • TouchDesigner: Aki Yamashita
  • TouchDesigner: Crystal Jow
  • Architectural Designer: Anass Benhachmi
  • Senior Creative Technologist: Colin Honigman
  • Creative Technologist: Dom Ricci
  • Production Director: Hayk Khanjian
  • Production Manager: Nicolas Yernazian

  • Content Designer: Toros Kose
  • Case Study Director: Andrew Curtis
  • Case Study Director: Aaron Marcellino
  • Case Study Photography: Bradley G Munkowitz