Nature, illuminated

If you’ve ever marveled at the beauty of natural illumination, then you know that there’s something truly magical about the interplay between light and nature. That’s exactly what we wanted to capture with Eden, a luminescent garden installation we built for Coachella 2023.

Working with photographer and artist Maggie West, we transformed her photos into a stunning sculpture that came to life after dark. Each night, the flowers of Eden were illuminated with different lighting effects inspired by natural phenomena like lightning, bioluminescent plankton, and fireflies.

To bring this magical garden to life, our talented team used projection mapping techniques to highlight the natural features of each plant. With programs like TouchDesigner, Houdini, and After Effects, we created unique visual effects that changed every night, giving visitors a completely new experience each time they visited.

And while many projection installations take place on flat, smooth surfaces, Eden was different. By projecting onto the 3D steel structures covered with wood and vinyl, we were able to create vibrant, lifelike imagery that looked just as stunning during the day as it did at night.

Of course, our goal wasn’t just to create a beautiful installation – we also wanted to enhance the original photography by playing with the colors and introducing movement. We worked tirelessly to keep the installation organic, highlighting the detail and texture of the original photographs while also adding our own unique touch.

In order to achieve this, we divided the project into several content phases. Each phase had its own distinct theme, from LumiParticle and Lightning to Psychedelic and Waterdrop. By taking this approach, we were able to create a truly immersive experience that transported visitors to another world.

Eden proved to be a highlight of Coachella that weekend, drawing crowds with its captivating lighting effects, stunning visuals, and unique 3D structures. Visitors couldn’t resist taking a walk through this luminescent garden.


  • Project Management
  • Projection Mapping
  • Audio / Visual Production
  • Creative Technology
  • Creative Design
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Lighting Design
  • Operation / Support
  • Interactive Installation


Artist: Maggie West


  • Creative Director: Akiko Yamashita
  • Designers: Orin Torati, Yuheng Zhu
  • Senior Programmer: Charlie Wilson
  • Programmers: Zac Layman 
  • Design Engineer: Melissa Troutt
  • Executive Creative Producer: Mike Lee
  • Producer: Ryan Brown
  • Associate Producer: Ben Rodenmeyer
  • Photo / Video: Zac Layman, Akiko Yamashita