SAP Central Showcase 2023

From Farm to Consume

In 2023, VTProDesign, in collaboration with No Slate and Master of Shapes, dedicated a full four months to shape the UX and craft interactive installations for the SAP Central Showcase, a thematic journey titled “From Farm to Consume.” Spread across six distinct areas called districts, this immersive experience was seamlessly woven together to guide visitors through the intricate processes that bring ice cream from  raw material production to their tables.

Starting with the Farm district, our focus was on the primary production of raw materials for ice cream. We precisely integrated both physical and technological elements to mirror a genuine farming environment. The narrative here was balanced, highlighting both the opportunities and challenges of agribusiness, particularly focusing on the interplay between the environment, people, and technology. To bring this to life, we employed two digital walls, a “Farm Bot,” and touchscreens that displayed rich content.

Transitioning to the Source district, the spotlight was on transparency. Using an interactive world map, screens paired with shelves showcasing physical products, and touchscreens,  attendees were given a deep dive into the intricate end-to-end cross-industry supply chain, emphasizing the synchronization of multi-tier collaborations and real-time visibility into the manufacturing process.

In the Make district, we delved into the nuances of ice cream manufacturing. Beyond just producing standardized flavors, we highlighted the flexibility required to cater to diverse consumer preferences. We showcased this adaptability through an actual ice cream machine, complemented by digital screens and touchscreens that offered related content.

In the Deliver district, our narrative revolved around optimizing the demand-side forecast for ice cream, emphasizing collaboration between consumers and suppliers. Our goal was to highlight the advantages of an intelligent business network that ensures efficient and sustainable distribution. Our technological solutions here included touchscreens and dual digital screens.

The Consume district was all about consumer-centricity. We underscored the importance of understanding and analyzing consumer trends to tailor offerings that resonate with current sentiments and needs. We enhanced this narrative by implementing digital screens, shelf video rails, an ice cream counter, and touchscreens that provided related content.

Lastly, in the Control district, we emphasized holistic business oversight. Attendees were introduced to a space that offered complete transparency across all cross-industry activities through a bank of monitors that could be divided digitally and a central circular screen. These screens not only monitored and illustrated connections across all districts but also showcased SAP’s ability to swiftly mitigate disruptions, ensuring efficient operations.

Through thorough UX design and thoughtful tech placement, we were able to bridge the gaps between districts, ensuring a fluid narrative that resonated with the theme “From Farm to Consume,” and successfully showcased the intricate journey of ice cream from its inception to its consumption.


  • UX/ UI
  • Design
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Project Management
  • Operation / Support


  • Creative Direction: Master of Shapes


  • Content: Jeff Reed, Jon Barlow, Danny Zobrist


  • Executive Producer:  Emily Titelman
  • Senior Producer: Nick Coonce
  • Producer: Alexis Taylor
  • Associate Producer: Madeline Lavery
  • Drafter: Ginevra Lombardo
  • Executive Creative Technology Producer: Zach Saale
  • Lead Software Engineer: Colin Honigman
  • Creative Technologists: Corey Adams, Forrest Lucas
  • Shop Manager: Jim Shawhan
  • Fabrication Manager: Sam Koshfam
  • Senior Production Manager: Nico Yernazian
  • Onsite Production Support: Mikey Barber